This blog has it all.

Welcome Everybody

As I said we can share anything here.
A health topic, beauty advice or review beauty products.
Personal stories no need to share who you are just relieve yourself from that and help other people.
No need to pay to get help or the advice you need.
The only thing we need her is you willing to share anything here. 
This page won't work without all of you.

You might ask. "What is this page about.??
Well... Let me tell you a little bit about the purpose of this site.

This page was inspired by a close friend of mine who a few months ago commited suicide.
It was inspired by him because just like him there are many people out there suffering either bullying, sexual abuse, body shaming, etc.
All these people siffering just as my friend did... Tend to have the ability to hide everything that they're going through, but get to a boiling point where in most cases end up commiting suicide because they are scared or embarrased.
There are many reasons why a person won't speak up.
Whit all that being said... I have been through most of this things and somehow God gave me the strength to endure it.
I am so thankful that I'm still alive and was given this magical idea of creating this blog.
This blog was created with the idea or purpose to invite people to come and share their stories without having to say who they are just free themselves.
I know for a fact that writting or sharing something hurtful, a secret talent or anything special that you're afraid to share can help ease the situation over time whether it is something amazing as a talent or sad as a hurtful story can always at the end teach a lesson not just a lesson for our selves but a lesson to people who can relate to the situation.

In this site you will be able to share anything.
From a life experience to a beauty or any product that you would all want me to review or talk about.